Cultivating With Care

We see people, plants & soil health as interconnected and create abundance through organic soil building techniques and regenerative agriculture practices.

Why We Grow

At Moonhill Garden, we see people, plants, and soil health as inextricably interconnected parts of a vibrant food web. Central to our philosophy is ecologically sensitive stewardship, and we recognize that the vitality of the garden stems from nurturing each of its interconnected parts. Through our dedication to regenerative agriculture and mindful stewardship, we aim to sow seeds of abundance, nourishing both soil and soul, while treading lightly on the land.






Moonhill Farmstand Front Entrance with sign above two open barn doors

What’s at the Farmstand

Spring 2024

Seeds have been planted and beds are being worked for the coming season. We are looking for ward to bringing you all your favourite veggies this summer. Check back here for opening dates and harvest schedule.

What’s Growing

What Is Polyculture

Polyculture planting involves growing multiple plant species within the same area or plot. It can also

Green Manure or Cover Crop

Green manures are a selection of fast growing plants commonly used in agricultural rotations to prevent soil erosion

Guesthouse Bookings

2024 Season May1 st to Oct 15th

Moonhill welcomes visitors from all around the world. For guesthouse pricing and bookings, please contact us through Air BnB

Front of Moonhill Guesthouse showing patio doors and picnic table outside