Cultivating With Care

We see people, plants & soil health as interconnected and create abundance through organic soil building techniques and regenerative agriculture practices.

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Our Values

Why We Grow

At Moonhill Garden, we see people, plants and soil health as inextricably interconnected parts of a vibrant food web. Central to our philosophy is ecologically sensitive stewardship, and we recognise that the vitality of the garden stems from nurturing each of its interconnected parts. 

Regenerative Agriculture Practices
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How We Grow

A commitment to regenerative practices lies at the heart of how we grow. Through techniques such as no-till farming, compost building, and cover cropping, we work to cultivate an environment where the soil thrives. Aiming to ensure it long-term health and fertility, we harness the power of organic and regenerative methods to help us not only produce nourishing food, but also increase bounty and resilience within our ecosystem.

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What’s at the Farmstand

Spring 2024

Seeds have been planted and beds are being worked for the coming season. We are looking forward to bringing you all your favourite veggies this summer.

What’s Growing


Lobularia maritima

Native to the Mediterranean, alyssum’s clusters of small, fragrant flowers have long graced gardens, balconies, and window boxes. Also known as sweet alyssum or Lobularia maritima, alyssum belongs to the Brassicaceae family, which includes cabbage, mustard, and broccoli. Able to withstand poor soils and drought, its low-growing habit and prolific

Guesthouse Bookings

2024 Season May1 st to Oct 15th

Moonhill welcomes visitors from all around the world. There is a minimum 4-night stay. For guesthouse pricing and bookings please contact us through Air BnB

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