Covid 19

Moonhill strives to stay abreast of Covid19 news and corresponding restrictions across BC. We also comply with Air BnB protocols and ask visitors to do the same. People coming to Moonhill are requested to bring their own masks, and the guesthouse provides items such as soaps, hand sanitiser and disinfectants. Any shared space such as the laundry room or common room are currently for one person at a time use only, and social distance protocols of 6 feet apart both in and outside are requested. Speak to the host if you have any questions or additional concerns about Covid19 and your stay.

  • Moonhill complies with Air BnB protocols
  • Social distancing and self-check-in are encouraged
  • All surface cleaned and disinfected between guests
  • Minimum 24 hours between guests
  • Any shared space such as laundry or common room used by one party at a time
  • No gatherings of more than 5 people
  • Guests are asked to comply with Covid 19 protocols for BC.

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