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LEAP Conversation Cafe Cortes

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LEAP (Local Economic Action Plan) is an initiative of the Cortes Island Business and Tourism Association (CIBATA) with support of Island Coastal Economic Trust and the Strathcona Regional District. The LEAP goal is to foster community economic development through community engagement and planning.

The LEAP Conversation Cafe allowed community members an opportunity to think about economic issues on the island, and through tackling diverse questions together, they were able to help shape the LEAP process and make it relevant and valuable to the Cortes community.

More information about LEAP can be at cibata.ca/

LEAP Forum

The LEAP Forum Feb 24th at the Klahoose Multipurpose Building shared results from the Cortes economic survey and the Official Community Plan’s strategic vision, and it proceeded to gather further input from forum participants towards building an island Economic Action Plan.

Despite a heavy snowfall the evening prior and a tree down on one of the access roads, weather-ready Cortes Islanders did turn out throughout the day. Participants reviewed survey results and mapped out the island’s strengths and weaknesses. People shared video and stories from other successful communities as they listed economic potentials and steps needed to go forward.

Some believe Cortes is stuck in the 70s and many residents would like to preserve that. Yet there is a need for the same business sectors you find everywhere else. Colin Funk, President of Cortes Island Business and Tourism Association (CIBATA), talks about economic development while preserving Cortes’ core values.

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