At Moonhill we see plants, people, and soil health as inextricably interlinked parts of a food web, and our garden benefits from a holistic approach and mindful cultivation. Regenerative gardening techniques, ecologically sensitive stewardship, and handworked cultivation supported by pedal power combine for abundant harvests, and allow Moonhill to offer Cortes fresh local produce with an extremely low farm to table carbon footprint,

Moonhill Gardens is active cultivated land that has had a history of a hundred years of human stewardship. Currently, numerous regenerative soil building and food growing techniques are practiced and documented. Most are ongoing projects teaching important lessons at each stage. We hope documentation can share that education and provide reference material for others interested in growing food and land stewardship.

Current Moonhill Projects

Moonhill Best Practices:
  • No-till raised beds
  • Organic fertilisers only
  • Pollinator plantings
  • Cover Crops
  • Hand-cultivation
  • Pesticide-free
  • Bicycle Delivery
  • Seed-saving

“Read books and study nature. When the two don’t agree, throw out the books.”

William Albrecht

Learn more about Moonhill from our blog. If you have questions or would like to see what’s in season, contact us for more information.

Current Projects
Plant Documentation | Hugelkulture | Wood Chips pathways | Cattle Panel Greenhouse